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Testing out an idea of a rogue like controlled with console-like commands

Any feedback appreciated - send to @bupping

right now just move and attack are implemented


  • list all commands: help
  • turn map on and off: map
  • move and attack: right, left, up, down
  • abbreviated: r, l, u, d
  • fire spell: fire(direction)
  • multi-fire spell fire(ring)

You can chain commands together using spaces.

Example: r l r u

this will execute right, left, right and up, once per player turn

You can multiple commands using digits (1-9) before commands:

Example: 4r 2u

this will execute right, right, right, right, up, up over 6 turns.



  • mini map added. can be toggled with "map" command
  • a projection is cast when you type commands to help estimate length
  • added small amount of progression
    • levels start smaller and progressively grow
    • enemies don't spawn on first level
    • enemy-to-barricade spawn ratio changes over time