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WIP - updated 11-18-14








We sat across from one another.

Dim lighting set the tone tonight.

Rumbling conversations hemmed us in.

She tapped her fingers 'pon the table top

and waited for her thoughts to form.

Words swelled up in her like a bubble

and popped as aspirated air.

I can't help how I feel 'bout it.

It's purely sentimental.

Time passed, and I wondered.

Lost 'mid thoughts, I startled

at the waitress' appearance.

Do you have any questions

I could answer for you?

I don't think you could.


Three beats and the gears had shifted.

Just two Cutty Sark's and a glass

of ice to share.

Returning my gaze to her's,

I fingered in the dark

for the thread.

How could I ask you to change?

I love you, you know.

You've polished yourself

into a fine, sharp point.

I would never ask you to blunt

your cutting edge.

The drinks arrived.

She took a her's neat.

I sipped mine with a chip of ice.

The familiar smoke and burn

reminded us of a place and time.

Two of us, sharing a reverie.

To you.

To us.